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Fairhaven High School overlooks the Acushnet River in Fairhaven, MA.

During Fall 2022, the Fairhaven Public School Department needed funds to repair the 1906 Fairhaven High School. The building required more than $2 million worth of repairs. The only way to receive these funds was to present a case to the voters of the Town of Fairhaven.

Our Strategy

The voters of Fairhaven often have a contentious history with the school department. Requesting funds of this proportion from voters would not be an easy feat. We needed to create a strategy to communicate facts to a diverse audience.

We opted to produce a short video explaining the repair project. The video was played for voters during the town’s annual Town Meeting. Voters ended up passing the fund request without any objection.

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Drew Furtado films a short film in New Bedford, Massachusetts

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About the Author
About the Author

Drew Furtado is an Emmy Award winning filmmaker, and leader of a nationally recognized high school media arts communication department .

He develops guides and strategies for nonprofit and educational organizations to improve and grow their social media presence, website development, and communication practices that best engages audiences.

New Bedford, Massachusetts

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