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5 Education Hashtags Worth Exploring

If you’re an educator and not on Twitter, my only question is, why not? Yes, Twitter has become the haven for fact denying internet trolls. However, it’s also an excellent place for teachers to engage with other educators. Educators regularly share updates from their classrooms, seek feedback on lessons, and develop innovative behavior strategies. I […]

7 Ways to use Analytics to Improve Social Media Posts

We’ve all been there. We’ve produced something extraordinary, ran to social media, created a post, and then hit share. “Look at what we did!” you might’ve exclaimed, only to see no one saw your post. Before you delete your post and simply repost it, let’s look at 6 Social Media Analytic tips to improve your […]

Gaining Insight from Analyzing Social Media Posts

Every second of every day, a new post is posted to social media platforms. With millions of people vying for people’s attention, it can be a crowded space for companies, businesses, governments, and anyone with anything to say. Analytics can help improve the efficacy of social media posts. I recently have been curious about the […]

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