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Creating engaging content may seem difficult.

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Hello, I’m Drew.

I’m the founder of DFurtMedia and love creating visual stories, and developing better ways to communicate with a specific audience.

I specialize in supporting nonprofit and educational organizations to build better communication models, including developing engaging film, photography, and web development projects.

My Story

I grew up and currently still live in Massachusetts’ Southcoast. Across New England, this area’s reputation suffers negatively as crime rates, poverty, and corruption grip the Southcoast’s headlines.

News stations and newspapers love coming to Fall River and New Bedford, Massachusetts when unfortunate events occur. Yet, those same reporters never come to this area when something amazing happens.

Media’s Changing Landscape

I began to notice a seismic shift in the local media industry. National media conglomerates purchased most of the local, independent-run media companies.

The result to the area? Massive layoffs and reduced local coverage. The stories that were once told by local media companies ceased to exist.

Imagine being a nonprofit or educational organization doing amazing things for your community, but no one is telling your story?

There’s got to be a better way to communicate with the world, right?

I knew I had to become the positive change I wanted to see in this world

My Work

After working at WJAR-TV in Providence, RI, may career advanced in Boston, Massachusetts at Fox 25, WFXT-TV, and covered hundreds of stories including the Boston Bombing.

My career started in local television news at Rhode Island’s legendary television station, WJAR, NBC10 TV. I spent most of my days driving to New England communities and broadcasting the horrific stories of the day. Fires, shootings, bombings, fatal accidents, and blizzards.

Rarely the stories I covered feature anything positive.

I never felt fulfilled working in TV news. Time didn’t allow us to craft beautiful and engaging content, and rarely did it feel like our work helped anyone.

I set off on a journey to replicate my news experience, but instead produce high-quality content that actually helped people.

Drew Furtado films a short film at Fort Tabor in New Bedford, Massachusetts

My Why.

I believe in people and organizations in our community. I have always been a cheerleader for the underdog, especially the people and organizations that don’t get enough love.

Many nonprofits and educational organizations do amazing work for our community, and often don’t have the means to fully tell their story.

I aim to support those organizations that create high-quality film and video content, and developing improved communication structures including websites, newsletters, and social media.

My work has been seen locally, regionally, and globally and has achieved awards including New England Emmy Awards, Associated Press Awards, and FilmFestival Awards.

Helping People Achieve Their Goals.

Producing compelling content makes me happy. However, inspiring and educating people to improve their communication practices makes me so much happier.

I’m now directing the award-winning Media Arts Communication Department at Fairhaven High School, where I train teenagers how to become better storytellers and increase communication across the school district.

I often ask my students, “If you aren’t willing to tell your story, who will?”

We no longer have to continue being ignored by traditional media companies to tell our stories.

I’m here to help lead that cultural change by providing access and training for high-quality content production and streamlining communication strategies.

I am so excited about the future stories we can create!

How can I help you?

I’m here to help you produce digital content for your next project. The Southcoast can’t wait to see your story. 

Please contact me for a free consultation for your media needs.