Hello. I’m Drew.

Some of my greatest passions stem from film production, digital art, and the media industry.

I’ll never forget the first time I was in the classroom. I had just finished my final live shot at WFXT-TV, FOX 25 Boston. The next day, I was in front of 18 teenagers. I had no formal teaching training, just renewed excitement, adrenaline, and ambitious goals.

That first class was a train wreck. One of the students told me to “F” myself.

I was hooked. I just love learning and wanted to become the best teacher that I could be. 9 years later, we revolutionized what a media arts program can look like. We started with 32 students, and we increased our enrollment by 134. Our students have been awarded 28 NATAS Student Production Awards, 3 National NATAS Awards, and many have gone on to start their journey as communication professionals.

Currently, I’m close to completing my Quinnipiac Master of Interactive Media program. I’m so excited to elevate my media skill set, and I’m excited to elevate my media art program!