Usability Research Improves Classroom Website

In 2015, Fairhaven High School’s Art Department developed The website attempted to communicate the achievements and course offerings and provide students with a platform to display their artwork publicly. The team diligently and excitedly crafted the website, uploading photos, videos and writing lots of text. However, the group encountered one major problem. They lackedContinue reading “Usability Research Improves Classroom Website”

The Five Whys Analysis

While many methods exist to research problems and solutions, one more simple and effective technique includes the five whys analysis. This technique focuses on cause and effects relationships and quickly digs deep into the root cause of an issue. The technique breaks down processes into a sequence of events and identifies relationships within the problem.Continue reading “The Five Whys Analysis”

Planning with Backcasting

Suppose you’ve ever watched the evening news. In that case, you might have noticed that one of the most popular local television segments includes the weather forecast, a prediction of what weather will look like at a given time. Instead of forecasting and predicting the future, I’d like to introduce you to the concept ofContinue reading “Planning with Backcasting”

Celebrating Failure with Iterative Design

Do you remember the first time you rode a bicycle? Here’s a scenario, let’s say you tried to ride your bike nine times but kept falling off. However, on the tenth try, you maintain your balance and ride the bike down the street. A teacher grades your experience in this scenario: one out of tenContinue reading “Celebrating Failure with Iterative Design”

Diving Deep into TikTok’s Privacy Policy

We’ve all been there. We install the latest and hip new cell phone application, and right after it opens for the first time, a 20 page privacy policy appears. In our excitement, we promptly close the window and don’t read the policy. Maybe we should start reading these policies. It shouldn’t come as a surprise,Continue reading “Diving Deep into TikTok’s Privacy Policy”

Adding Animated UI to Mobile Applications

Animating User Interfaces A while back, I explored the creative process of developing a working mobile application prototype. I developed a prototype attempting to improve the tourism efforts of New Bedford, Massachusetts. While the prototype functions well, I knew it could become much stronger and experimented with user interface animations. I created two different animationsContinue reading “Adding Animated UI to Mobile Applications”

A Development Journey

In the past month, I’ve set out on a journey to develop a functional cell phone application prototype. The app, ‘Visit NBMA,’ seeks to provide information for visitors and residents of New Bedford, Massachusetts. The city’s poor website informed the decision to develop an application that could better tell the story of New Bedford, includingContinue reading “A Development Journey”

Testing the ‘Visit NBMA’ Waters

Usability Testing In the last series of blogs, I’ve been examining and developing a cell phone application, ‘Visit NBMA’ offering city events and information to visitors and residents of New Bedford, Massachusetts. During the previous step of the app development, I created a paper prototype of the app. The next stage of the process isContinue reading “Testing the ‘Visit NBMA’ Waters”

Visit NBMA: Paper Prototypes

Low Fidelity Prototyping This month, I’ve been exploring developing a cell phone application for residents and tourists interested in New Bedford, Massachusetts. The app attempts to streamline information about the city, including things to do, eat, art and culture, and transportation. I’ve been developing information architecture and mapping out knowledge throughout the application. Recently, I’veContinue reading “Visit NBMA: Paper Prototypes”

Visit NBMA- User Flowchart

In my last blog post, I explored developing a cell phone app tentatively called Visit NBMA. The ineffective measures featured by inspired me to create this app.  The website is lackluster in its approach, does not fully lure visitors into the city, and does not utilize storytelling elements to build a rich and vibrantContinue reading “Visit NBMA- User Flowchart”