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Welcome to Boston, Massachusetts, the city that started the story of America!

This poster attempts to prove the world wrong about Boston and reminds people how awesome this city is.

A sailboat sets sail from Boston Harbor, Boston, Massachusetts. Photo by Drew Furtado
A sailboat sets sail from Boston Harbor, Boston, Massachusetts

There’s no other place in the world that I love more than Boston, Massachusetts. The city offers so much for people, and I love the promise and hope Boston offers to the world.

About the Print

  • Available in 2 sizes:
  • 11×17 inches
  • 8 x10 inches
  • Printed on 120lb Heavy Coverstock
  • Shipped in Rigid 13×19 inch rigid mailer
  • Free Shipping to the United States
  • Priced at $15.00

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About the Author
About the Author

Drew Furtado is an Emmy Award winning filmmaker, and leader of a nationally recognized high school media arts communication department .

He develops guides and strategies for nonprofit and educational organizations to improve and grow their social media presence, website development, and communication practices that best engages audiences.

New Bedford, Massachusetts

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