Usability Research Improves Classroom Website

In 2015, Fairhaven High School’s Art Department developed The website attempted to communicate the achievements and course offerings and provide students with a platform to display their artwork publicly. The team diligently and excitedly crafted the website, uploading photos, videos and writing lots of text. However, the group encountered one major problem. They lackedContinue reading “Usability Research Improves Classroom Website”

Visualizing Massachusetts’ Vaccination Population

Flowers are blooming, sun shining, and Massachusetts lifting of COVID-19 restrictions gives us a sense that a typical summer returns. Massachusetts became a national leader due to its COVID-19 response and vaccine rollout. Each week, the Massachusetts Department of Health releases a COVID-19 Dashboard, a document consisting of 52 pages that relays information to theContinue reading “Visualizing Massachusetts’ Vaccination Population”