Usability Research Improves Classroom Website

In 2015, Fairhaven High School’s Art Department developed The website attempted to communicate the achievements and course offerings and provide students with a platform to display their artwork publicly. The team diligently and excitedly crafted the website, uploading photos, videos and writing lots of text. However, the group encountered one major problem. They lackedContinue reading “Usability Research Improves Classroom Website”

Visit NBMA: A Companion App

While not originally from New Bedford, Massachusetts, I’ve become a New Bedford guy. I love this city, and I want as many people to visit this place as possible. In my last post, I explored reimagining New Bedford’s website. After analyzing and reorganizing, I realized there is potential to improve the website, increase tourismContinue reading “Visit NBMA: A Companion App”

Reimagining New

Is there a better way? If you haven’t visited recently, you aren’t missing much. Trust me. I live here, visit the website often, and wish it could amount to something much more than it currently is. The most frustrating aspect of this website is making an online payment. It’s so hard to find sometimes!Continue reading “Reimagining New”