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An Undercover Investigation: Rhode Island Prostitution

There was a time when Rhode Island legislators inadvertently created a loophole allowing prostitution indoors.

WJAR-TV legendary reporter, Jim Taricani lead an investigation into this issue and targeted the adult stip club Balloons in Providence, RI.

The investigation proved sexual conduct was occurring indoors for monetary exchange, observed children as young as fifteen years old purchasing services, and drugs present and traded.

Since this investigation, this video was used as testimony evidence leading lawmakers to change the law.


Rhode Island Associated Press Investigation Award

A Providence, Rhode Island strip club engages in indoor prostitution during an undercover investigation by WJAR-TV and Jim Taricani.
An exotic dancer escorts an undercover journalist in the back room to solicit sexual activity.
Club Balloons in Providence, Rhode Island, encourages exotic dancers to solicit sexual activity during an undercover investigation with WJAR-TV NBC10.
About the Author
About the Author

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