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I Want to Make Your Communication Stronger.

I’m here to help you spend less energy developing your communication and more energy engaging the right people at the right time.

Services Offered

My expertise includes:

  • Creating powerful digital content, including film, photography, and illustration projects.
  • Front-end web development and design.
  • Developing engaging web and social media content strategies
  • Usability testing and helping you understand your audience.
  • Simplifying communication workflows and distribution
  • Improving communication strategies with web metrics and analytics

Strategic Communication Projects

Reimagining City Websites

Is there a better way? If you haven’t visited Newbedford-ma.gov recently, you aren’t missing much. Trust me. I live here, visit the website often, and wish it could amount to something much more…

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3 Ways to Research Empathy

Without empathy, design thinkers fail to meet the needs of their users. To design solutions for problems, first, one must practice empathy. A core tenet of design thinking, empathy, forces design researchers to…

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Additional Work

Drew Furtado is a Photographer based in New Bedford, Massachusetts who specializes in portraits, documentary photography, and weddings.


Mr. Furtado teaches students digital film editing.

Media Education

New Bedford Massachusetts Lighthouse

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