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The Leap day lopper stalks his prey during leap years.

A woman learns the murderous secret of her boyfriend’s 12 year old brother too late.

About the Film

While meeting her boyfriend’s twelve-year-old brother, a woman learns of his haunting and evil secret. However, it might be too late to escape the truth.

This film was produced for the Providence 48 Hour Film Project in Providence, Rhode Island.

Born on a leap year, Pete Volmer spends his 12th birthday meeting his brother’s girlfriend, Peg Peters.

Required Elements

Prop: 20 Dollar Bill
Quote: “Let’s keep it that way/Let us keep it that way”
Character: Craig or Cindy Tyler, a clerk.


Providence 48 Hour Horror Film Festival 2017 Best Actor
Providence 48 Hour Horror Film Festival 2017 Best Use of Line
Providence 48 Hour Horror Film Festival 2017 Best Use of Character
Providence 48 Hour Horror Film Festival 2017 Best Graphics
Providence 48 Hour Horror Film Festival 2017 2nd Runner Up

The leap day lopper strikes again, chasing Peg Peters into the basement.

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About the Author
About the Author

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