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Gooseberry Island, located in Westport, Massachusetts, has a special place in my heart. The nestled shore offers visitors the quintessential New England view of the Atlantic Ocean. My grandfather would often bring me here after a day of fishing for Striped Bass in the Westport River.

Waves crash amongst the rocks in Westport, Massachusetts.

Last summer, my nine-month pregnant wife and I visited the beach to celebrate our last few days as a duo. The visit also allowed me to practice shooting with an upgraded DSLR before the baby arrived.

The sun sets during a summer evening over Westport, Massachusetts
The sun peaks through the clouds during sunset in Westport, Massachusetts.

I always loved Gooseberry Beach. However, many people in the Southcoast often overlook it as a destination. Parking can sometimes be an issue, and the gates close early most nights. While many people opt for nearby Horseneck Beach, Gooseberry Island is charming to experience. However, sand lovers might be disappointed. Over the years, the ocean has kicked up many rocks that have washed ashore.

The sun paints the southcoast sky as it sets at Horseneck Beach, Westport, Massachusetts.
Cotton candy skies in Westport, Massachusetts.

The island is also only accessible by a long and narrow causeway. During stormy weather, the road can be impassible. The causeway is worth the drive to Gooseberry Island on a beautiful day. The views are amazing!

Shasta Daisys bloom in Westport, Massachusetts
Shasta Daisy’s bloom in Westport, Massachusetts

Sunsets in Westport

I get such a rush in watching the sunset. The setting sun promises a tranquil and humbling experience that reminds me of the fleeting nature of life. I can’t get enough!

The sunsets on Gooseberry Beach, Westport, Massachusetts.

During our visit, the sunset was breathtaking. Gooseberry Island is one of those rare places where you can see the evening in the west without distractions.

The sunsets paint the sky above Westport, Massachusetts.

Poster Inspiration

I knew someday I had to make a poster for this day. Finally, after nine months, I have developed a poster featuring Gooseberry Island!

Gooseberry Island Westport Massachusetts Travel Poster
Westport, Massachusetts Travel Poster

Visit the shop to order a Westport, Massachusetts print.

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