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Dear Polar Seltzer, We need to talk.

Drew Furtado, lover of Polar Seltzer

Dear Polar Seltzer

Let’s be real, Polar Seltzer produces incredible products, especially their Black Cherry Seltzer Water!

Polar seltzer water sometimes explodes. In this documentary, Drew Furtado explores the explosive nature of Polar's Black Cherry Seltzer.

Despite its tasty nature, the black cherry flavor has an explosive characteristic, and this film documents the fizzy eruptions over the span of a year.

Over 80% of documented Polar Seltzer’s Black Cherry Seltzer’s exploded! Polar Seltzer saw the film, and responded by acknowleding this is occuring, and can’t really explain why.

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About the Author
About the Author

Drew Furtado is an Emmy Award winning filmmaker, and leader of a nationally recognized high school media arts communication department .

He develops guides and strategies for nonprofit and educational organizations to improve and grow their social media presence, website development, and communication practices that best engages audiences.

New Bedford, Massachusetts

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