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The Massachusetts Design, Art, and Technology Institute (DATMA) prepare 2021’s major art Installation, Water 2021. I spent an hour with the team as they prepared their installation, and took some photos to help them tell their story of this year’s art program.

Boarded up windows surround UMASS Dartmouth’s CVPA building as a new art installation takes place inside.
Volunteers assemble wires to small electrical engines that will vibrate small mallets against cardboard boxes.
The art installation developed by renowned artist Zimoun includes over 1000 card boxes and electrical engines.
The mallets strike the boxes, creating the sound of rain, or water splashing.
DATMA’s Executive Director Lindsay Mis adds a styrofoam ball to a small electrical engine.
Volunteers work all hours to assemble WATER 2021’s main art installation.
It takes great care to assemble these small engines. Volunteers must install over 1000 components in order to complete the art installation.
Volunteers at Massachusetts Design, Art, and Technology Institute (DATMA) assemble pieces for 2021’s art installation project, Water 2021.

The Final Product

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About the Author

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