‘Restart 2020’ Accepted to Three Film Festivals

Our documentary film 'Restart 2020' travels to New England! The SENE Film Festival, 11th Arlington International Film Festival, and New Haven International Film Festival accepted 'Restart 20' in this year's upcoming film festivals. 'Restart 2020' premieres in Rhode Island on Thursday, October 13, 2021at the SENE Film Festival. The festival takes place in person at [...]

Locating Business Insights from Digital Mapping

crop couple with map on smartphone

The area nestled between Eastern Rhode Island and hugging the Atlantic ocean to the cape is known as Massachusett's Southcoast. The area is home to many communities such as Fall River, MA, New Bedford, MA, and Fairhaven, MA. These communities are also home to excellent restaurants, bars, and ice cream shops. There are many places [...]

Adding Animated UI to Mobile Applications

https://vimeo.com/587464816 Animating User Interfaces A while back, I explored the creative process of developing a working mobile application prototype. I developed a prototype attempting to improve the tourism efforts of New Bedford, Massachusetts. While the prototype functions well, I knew it could become much stronger and experimented with user interface animations. I created two different [...]

Preparing a Stop Animation

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWEl8-PHhMI PES Films uses everyday objects to create stop animated films. There's this artist that I absolutely love, and his work is completely refreshing, unique, and extremely tedious. The artist goes by the moniker PES, and he's a stop animation filmmaker. His work has been viewed over a billion times on YouTube, and all of [...]

Storytelling with Animation

"We all love stories. We were born for them." -Andrew Stanton https://www.ted.com/talks/andrew_stanton_the_clues_to_a_great_story?language=en Every day I'm reminded of this quote by Pixar producer Andrew Stanton. In Andrew's TED talk, he reminds us what makes a story unforgettable, making a viewer care. We've all heard stories we didn't care about, but the stories that made us care [...]

Restart 2020, Official Selection Wood’s Hole Film Festival

I've got some exciting news regarding my documentary film, Restart 2020. The Woods Hole Film Festival selected Restart 2020 to screen during this year's 30th annual festival! I'm honored Restart 2020 will be included! https://vimeo.com/469610888 Restart 2020, tells the story of three New Bedford Artists navigating art through the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic. REstart 2020 The [...]

Photojournalism: Under Siege

If you had to think of the most undervalued job in America, do you think of photojournalists? Now hear me out. Which job in the United States brings immense value to society, engaging audiences through powerful visual stories, but are underpaid, overworked, threatened by technology, economically unstable, assaulted by government agents, targeted by foreign government [...]

The Whaleman: New Bedford, Massachusetts

https://vimeo.com/566165996 Constructed in 1913, the Whaleman lives in Downtown New Bedford, Massachusetts, just outside the New Bedford Public Library.  The monument features a whaler at the stern of his boat, poised to strike a whale with his sharp harpoon. The statue honors those who lost their lives in the whaling industry, and whose prosperity built [...]