Usability Research Improves Classroom Website

In 2015, Fairhaven High School’s Art Department developed The website attempted to communicate the achievements and course offerings and provide students with a platform to display their artwork publicly. The team diligently and excitedly crafted the website, uploading photos, videos and writing lots of text. However, the group encountered one major problem. They lackedContinue reading “Usability Research Improves Classroom Website”

The Five Whys Analysis

While many methods exist to research problems and solutions, one more simple and effective technique includes the five whys analysis. This technique focuses on cause and effects relationships and quickly digs deep into the root cause of an issue. The technique breaks down processes into a sequence of events and identifies relationships within the problem.Continue reading “The Five Whys Analysis”

Planning with Backcasting

Suppose you’ve ever watched the evening news. In that case, you might have noticed that one of the most popular local television segments includes the weather forecast, a prediction of what weather will look like at a given time. Instead of forecasting and predicting the future, I’d like to introduce you to the concept ofContinue reading “Planning with Backcasting”

Celebrating Failure with Iterative Design

Do you remember the first time you rode a bicycle? Here’s a scenario, let’s say you tried to ride your bike nine times but kept falling off. However, on the tenth try, you maintain your balance and ride the bike down the street. A teacher grades your experience in this scenario: one out of tenContinue reading “Celebrating Failure with Iterative Design”

Using Animation to Inspire Digital Learning

School is just around the corner for many students and teachers, and I’m eager to enter my media art class with some excitement. Yes, the past two pandemic years were challenging, stressful, and overwhelming. However, I’m really looking to motivate and inspire my students like never before. During the last two years, restrictions on collaboration,Continue reading “Using Animation to Inspire Digital Learning”