Into the Breach: An Open Letter to Online Privacy

I know conducting business on social media is overwhelming. There are many platforms, each with its strengths and weaknesses, and learning new platforms can be a time-staking process. This letter is for you and outlines the need to promote your business on social media and introduce you to best practices to keeping yourself safe. First,Continue reading “Into the Breach: An Open Letter to Online Privacy”

Fairmont State University- Content Strategy Proposal

Fairmont State University is a medium-sized state university located in Fairmont, West Virginia. The campus is nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains and is home to more than two thousand students. While the campus is beautiful, the current website is not. is in dire need of a redesign. The website is overloaded with information,Continue reading “Fairmont State University- Content Strategy Proposal”

Content Alignment Strategy Case Study

Belfast City Council If you haven’t heard of Ireland’s largest northern city, Belfast, you will after this post. Belfast is home to 330,000 residents, and recently, the city wanted to take steps to improve residents’ lives. They teamed up with Bernard Marr, a highly successful consultant, and futurist, and developed a strategy focusing on three areas ofContinue reading “Content Alignment Strategy Case Study”

My Content Portrait

The early 1990s kickstarted my love-hate relationship with content. As an impressionable young boy, I became obsessed with ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,’ ‘Power Rangers,’ and ‘Star Wars.’ I don’t even think it was the television content that hooked me, but it was the action figures associated with it. I was fascinated by the series uponContinue reading “My Content Portrait”