Hello. I’m Drew.

Some of my greatest passions stem from film production, digital art, and the media industry.

Everyone has a story to tell. However, not everyone owns the skills necessary to tell their own story. I create high-quality content for those who don’t have the capability, passion, or skills to do it themselves.

From high school students who don’t fit in typical academic boxes to artists working on the fourth floor of a massive mill complex, everyday people live in the core of my stories. I appreciate the beauty in everyone’s story and realize the world needs to hear them.

In Fall River and New Bedford, Massachusetts, stories specifically struggle to be told. When disaster strikes, television stations in Boston and Providence only venture to the Southcoast. Newspapers reduced local coverage as workers became laid off due to the National Media consolidation.

I firmly believe that I have the skills and vision to become our own best storytellers. We have the natural ability to communicate our own stories to the world. We no longer have to wait for the New England media companies to tell our story. We can produce our own.

I’m here to help lead that cultural change by providing access to high-quality filmmaking, video production, photography, digital illustration, and web development. I am so excited about the opportunities we can create for this area!

Currently, I’m close to completing my Quinnipiac Master of Interactive Media program. I’m so excited to elevate my media skill set, and I’m excited to elevate my media art program.

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