Photojournalism: Under Siege

If you had to think of the most undervalued job in America, do you think of photojournalists?

Now hear me out. Which job in the United States brings immense value to society, engaging audiences through powerful visual stories, but are underpaid, overworked, threatened by technology, economically unstable, assaulted by government agents, targeted by foreign government missiles, and want to be killed by a mob of faux rage people? That’s photojournalism in a nutshell.

Alejandro Alvarez on Twitter: "The “rope, tree, journalist” shirt I saw at  a right-wing Gettysburg rally was being sold at Walmart.…"
A man wears a shirt that advocates the lynching of journalists. Photo: Alejandro Alvarez

This article offers a deep exploration of the rise and fall of television and newspaper photojournalists and how the media industry no longer values highly skilled visual storytellers. The paper also explores the impact of media consolidation, and the impact it has on communities across America.

The full article is here:

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