AHA! New Bedford Content Audit

I recently had the opportunity to explore best practices for developing content on the web. I wanted to research the effectiveness of AHANewBedford.org, a local institution in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

AHA! New Bedford is a nonprofit organization that focuses on developing a monthly art festival celebrating New Bedford’s art, history, and architecture. The celebrations increase traffic within the city and increase revenue and exposure for membered businesses.

I used Screaming Frog SEO Spider to analyze how the website is constructed and looked at various aspects of the website, including HTML header tags, page titles, metadata descriptions, metadata keywords, content, writing, and architecture.

My analysis leads me to find that AHAnewbeford.org is chock full of information and flashy graphics, but is outdated and needs some renovations to improve function and purpose.

The website is also missing essential visual elements and contains zero metadata descriptions and keywords. Search engines are not finding AHA! New Bedford as effectively as they can. AHANewBedford.org spends a lot of effort sending the user away from the site, with most links linking to external sources. The website also has some accessibility issues, with color palettes, missing alt text tags, does not include a search function, and does not translate on a mobile device as nicely as it should.

This website can perform much better with some tweaking, additional visual content, and streamlining the navigation process.

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